anyLogistix 2.5 Released

April 25, 2017 Egor Yakovlev

anyLogistix 2.5 Released

What's new in anyLogistix 2.5?

  • IBM ILOG CPLEX®: utilize the leading analytical solver to discover the most profitable supply chain network configuration;
  • Dedicated fleets: specify a fleet of vehicles for a distribution center, warehouse or plant;
  • Flexible units of measure: define capacity constraints for warehouses and vehicles, and/or custom constraints for production batches, processing costs, etc.;
  • Multi-stop transportation routing: assign different combinations of delivery routing options;
  • Scenario conversion: improve data management by allowing outputs of one scenario to be automatically fed as inputs to another;
  • Customized analytics: modify nearly any component of an anyLogistix simulation model (inside the four walls or transportation/inventory policies) with AnyLogic Professional;
  • Intuitive user interface: enjoy the easy-to-use, improved user experience;

Who can use anyLogistix?

Companies with large and complex supply chains, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics providers can take advantage of anyLogistix. The tool is designed for a wide audience (i.e. supply chain analyst or manager) and does not require programming or IT experience.