anyLogistix 2.6 and Free Version Released

August 11, 2017 Egor Yakovlev

anyLogistix 2.6 and Free Version Released

anyLogistix 2.6 is released! The newest version of supply chain design and analytics software includes new features, experiments and example models. Plus a FREE Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is now available for education and self-teaching.

If you’re new to anyLogistix, we’ve provided simple example models that will teach you how to design and conduct experiments. Also, check out the help section with product documentation and multiple tutorials.

download anyLogistix PLE

What's new in anyLogistix 2.6?

  • In a Network Optimization experiment You can now expand the model at a detailed level and set up parameters between non-standard relationships such as supply chain flows, inventory policy, production volumes.
  • A Safety Stock Estimation experiment which allows you to determine the optimal amount of safety stock in warehouses, taking into account a desired service level, and prevent risks associated with fluctuating demand.
  • Now you can specify the optimal location of distribution centers considering the location of suppliers and routes of real roads with the help of gravity analysis.
  • In experiments, you can now define pre- and postprocessors of original data and their respective results.
  • The introduction of routes cache management function enables you to manually delete the downloaded routes allowing anyLogistix to work faster.