How to evaluate onshoring strategies

February 26, 2021 Gavin Wilkinson

How to evaluate onshoring strategies

Onshoring a supply chain for resiliency and sustainability is a strategy worth evaluating, but how to do this effectively? The COVID-19 pandemic, trade-wars, and sanctions are making the question more urgent. North American simulation supply chain specialists, SimWell, answer this question and more in their webinar Evaluating Onshoring Strategies with Network Optimization and Simulation.

Using anyLogistix supply chain software, supply chain experts Jon Santavy and Alex Franco explore why bringing supply chain operations closer to home can be beneficial. However, switching from an offshore-oriented supply chain to one based on an onshore or nearshore strategy is a major change that includes risks and costs. Evaluating these risks and costs is where software helps.

After introducing how onshoring and near-shoring strategies work, the specialists from SimWell show how to evaluate these strategies using anyLogistix software. The software is a supply-chain-specific tool that helps with network design, network optimization, and inventory optimization. Modeling a supply chain in the software makes what-if questioning possible. Changes to a supply chain can be tried and tested in the software. It is an effective decision support tool that includes optimization capabilities for helping refine design changes.

Going beyond the common spreadsheet modeling used by many, anyLogistix supply chain software combines powerful optimizers with dynamic simulation. The result of this combination is a unique tool for finding the right supply chain design for your business. It helps analyze service levels and risk so that you can find a cost balance that suits your business requirements.

Watch the webinar and see how anyLogistix helps evaluate onshoring strategies with network optimization and simulation.

Evaluating Onshoring Strategies
with Network Optimization and Simulation

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

Webinar agenda:

  •  Comparing Brownfield and Greenfield Scenarios
  •  Calculating ROI of a Supply Chain Design Change
  •  How to Evaluate Supply Chain Designs
  •  Q&A

You can join SimWell and other for anyLogistix training sessions throughout the year. These training sessions are an excellent way to understand how the software can help in your business and attendees receive 1:1 time for helping address their needs. Find the next event for you in the anyLogistix events calendar.

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