Shipment Scheduling demonstration video

October 29, 2019 Gavin Wilkinson

Shipment Scheduling demonstration video

Shipment scheduling in anyLogistix helps you meet customer demand by making the best use of your delivery channels and distribution centers. With the free anyLogistix PLE, you can follow the video example and see how to optimally schedule shipments.

This video shows you how to use supply chain network optimization in anyLogistix to find the optimal daily shipment schedule from a distribution center to customers. The video example considers a petroleum supplier in Norway that has three means of shipment to customers – tanker, rail, and pipeline.

During the video you will see how customer demand is met without violating the restrictions of the distribution center’s storage, port, rail, and pipeline configurations. The various results of the network optimization experiments are shown in the tabs highlighted in the demonstration, with overall statistics being ranked from best to worst by profit. The results can be further explored in anyLogistix experiments and simulations — see our other videos.

Check out the video and see how optimal shipment scheduling is conducted with the network optimization experiment in anyLogistix. Documentation for the example is available in the anyLogistix help.

Shipment Scheduling Demonstration

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