Supply chain what-if analysis video

January 17, 2020 Gavin Wilkinson

Supply chain what-if analysis video

Decision making in complex trade-off situations is difficult. For supply chains, what-if analysis with anyLogistix helps.

Our video demonstrates how simulation-based what-if scenarios help supply chain decision making. Using the example of a South Korean smartphone and tablet manufacturer, see how simulating different scenarios can identify an optimum balance of production, profit, and service levels.

Simulation-based What-if Scenarios in Supply Chain

The manufacturer wants its new models to take 1% of the smartphone market and 0.5% of the tablet market in South Korea. To achieve these targets, the company needs to know if it has an appropriate supply chain setup.

Two factories in the country feed into its distribution center near Seoul. From this center, the company serves the 40 largest cities in the country. Problems with the assembly and packaging line configurations constrain the output of the manufacturing facilities.

An advantage of using anyLogistix is its native integration with AnyLogic simulation. This allows analysis inside the 4 walls of your facilities. In this case, we see how the dynamics inside a factory affect the performance of the supply chain overall and can develop better policies as a result.

With what-if analysis, it is possible to look at the dynamics of the supply chain from very different angles. For example, you can measure different policies for inventory, sourcing, and production against how they affect values such as profit/loss, production, and customer service levels.

The result of what-if analysis on complex trade-off situations in your supply chain is better decision making. Watch the video and get in touch if you have any questions regarding anyLogistix and your supply chain.