Supply Chain Constraint-based Planning and Network Optimization

Supply Chain Constraint-based Planning and Network Optimization

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About the webinar

Every supply chain needs unique design solutions to capture specific corporate requirements. Those could be limitations at the production, inventory, or fleet levels, as well as limits in costs, throughput and other constraints. anyLogistix is the supply chain analytics tool that enables users to mirror the uniqueness of a supply chain in its digital replica and see how limitations affect network design when carrying out constraint-based planning.

We invite you to see how to set up and test custom network constraints within an anyLogistix™ supply chain model for network planning.

This is an extension of a previous anyLogistix network optimization webinar.

Webinar agenda:

  • How to adjust predefined objective criteria and add custom parameters to capture the specific requirements of your supply chain.
  • How to apply two-step optimization for better constraint-based planning.
  • Defining custom dependencies between supply chain components.
  • How to consider individual facility restriction or define if-then constraints.